Creativity Online Courses

Looking for an effective way to boost the creative thinking skills of your employees?

The World Economic Forum ranks “Creative Thinking” as the 3rd most important skill for 2020 and more than 98% of employees think that creativity is important in their job. Yet less than 45% think they actually are creative, and less than 2% (!) think their employer is doing enough to help them become more creative.
Meet “The Creativity App”.

The Creativity App is an online course designed to help your employees become more creative. It is a flexible, on-demand solution that can be used anywhere and any time, and of course, it can be customised with your own brand. The course has been designed to be cost effective to implement across an organisation.

Learning to become more creative should be fun. Even if it is done online.

Each module consists of a short, easy to digest lessons that teaches the user practical and useful techniques to become more creative. Techniques they can use in their daily work – right away.

The material is delivered in an Engaging, fun, and inspiring way.

The Creativity App is developed by the same people who produced “The Idea Book” – the global bestselling book that was included in “The 100 Best Business Book of All Time.”

The e-learning course works in any browser, on all smart phones as well as on desktop.

Creativity has never been more important. Imagine if your teams got access to a cost effective and easy and fun tool that helps them become more creative. Imagine what you could create.

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