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March 2017

March News

Return business.

In March I did speeches in Sweden, Germany, India and Singapore.

As a speaker it’s always good to get invited back, it’s a sign of very happy clients.

And in March I had a few examples of that, for example:

– One of two keynote speakers at the Business Times Leadership Conference in Singapore where I was the keynote speaker last year (!) and they invited me back again this year. (Having the same closing keynote speaker at a conference two years in a row is very, very rare.)

– In December I spoke at the OpenText client conference in Singapore (which was the second time in 2016 I did that) and that got me to get invited to speak at the OpenText client conferences in Sweden and Germany too this month. (Meaning they flew me in from Singapore to Europe rather than taking a locally based speaker.)

– Prudential. Because of the speech I did for Prudential in February I got invited back in March to do another speech.

All examples of return-business based on great results.

But the high light of the month was getting to be the dinner speaker at an event organised by the Swedish Prince Daniel in order to celebrate Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Sweden.

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