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November 2017

November News

3 continents in 30 days.

The months of November took me to Denmark (to discuss a new project), to Sweden (to speak at a sales conference), to Myanmar (to speak to chicken breeders), to Dubai (to speak at the Africa/Middle East management conference of VISA), and to South Africa (to be part of a conference around creating new speeches around reconciliation together with speakers from all over the world.

That means that in November alone I spoke in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The mix of industries, cultures, audiences, and countries is what makes the job of a global professional speaker so enriching.

But the highlight of the month was not speaking but listening. When I was in South Africa I got the privilege to be part of a personal and exclusive tour of Robben Island to learn more about the island that held Nelson Mandela prisoner for 27 years. Such a powerful and insightful experience.

See a video of the visit to Robben island here.