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Global Speaker Summit

At the Global Speaker Summit in December 2013 hundreds of professional speaker gathered in Vancouver, Canada to learn from each other. Only a few had been selected to speak and only one spoke on the theme of being a “Global Speaker”: Fredrik Härén.

It was also in Vancouver that the new designation “CSPGlobal” was introduced. CSPGlobal means “Certified Global Speaker” and Fredrik Härén is one of less than 40 speakers globally who has received that designation.

One participant who attended Fredrik Härén’s session at the Global Speaker Summit wrote on her blog afterward:

“It’s always great to get the perspective of speakers who are truly global speakers. The experiences he shared with the enrichment that comes from learning from other countries was outstanding. I was especially impressed that the focus of his speech was not on the mechanics of getting a website, marketing, or product sales but rather the art of speaking and crafting a message that resonates with an International audience. In essence, in order for you to be invited as a keynote speaker Internationally, you need to “kill it” on stage and have a message that other businesses want to hear. It was refreshing to hear from him afterward in a private conversation that you can build a business Internationally without a large investment by “breaking into a market”. I’ve heard several International speakers talk about having to fly to other countries on unpaid gigs just to build the contacts. Fredrik reassured me that I must be good onstage…if I am excellent onstage and am willing to begin slowly in order to build a speech that has excellent content and delivery where people are begging you to come to their respective countries in order to deliver that speech. His irreverent humor was fantastic, and many of us thoroughly enjoyed his focus on what it takes to speak Internationally without all the ancillary items of products, etc. It was refreshing compared to much of what we hear on a regular basis.”

Naomi Takeuchi,


Global Speaker Federation