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MEC’s Global Management Conference

Quote from the client:

“Fredrik Haren is that rarest of things – a genuinely Global citizen. He looks at the world from multiple angles, most of them revealing and surprising angles and without bias or agenda. His global understanding is unmatched, this makes for truly revealing and agenda-setting views of the future of business, society, and culture.”
Charles Courtier, CEO Global, MEC

From the brief that the client gave to Fredrik Härén before his speech.

“Our goal is to inspire our top 250 people to use their talent and determination to take advantage of the enormous opportunities that we have as a major player in a very fast-changing world.

What we want from you

We need you to inspire our people to believe that they can be both more imaginative, open-minded and creative and deliver consistent results for our clients and our parent. We need them to feel that the future is exciting if uncertain. We need to feel we can shape our own destiny. We want people leaving this conference empowered to be more creative and inspirational when they return to their home countries, ready to inspire their colleagues and clients.

Our people

Our people will travel to SF from 80 countries from all continents. There will be people from large mature markets like USA, Germany, Italy, UK as well as emerging markets such as China, India, Mexico, Argentina, and then everything in between.

There will be local market CEO’s, our most senior client-facing people, heads of specialist areas (such as trading, mobile, search, analytics & insight etc) as well as some ‘central’ people.

English will a second language for most people.


MEC is a global media agency. We have 4,000 people. In essence, our business is to create and implement communication solutions that drive profitable growth for our clients; that is, we advise clients on how to reach the consumers who will buy their products; we then also buy paid-for media on their behalf (eg online, tv, press, sponsorship etc).

We are part of WPP, the largest group of marketing services businesses in the world.