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The World of Creativity: The Book

What can we learn about creativity
from people from different countries
and cultures?

In the upcoming book “The World of Creativity” global keynote speaker and writer Fredrik Haren travels the globe to learn about the many facets of human creativity.

Each chapter covers one aspect of creativity that was inspired by one country or one culture.

The book is based on the premise that we can all become so much more creative by learning from each other.

The book will be launched in 2020. Sign up to The World of Creativity Newsletter to get previews from the interviews of the many creative people who will be featured in the book.

Some of the countries already visited. (Click on each country for a short example.)

India, Thailand, USA, Iceland, Mongolia, Switzerland, Portugal, Holland, France, China, Singapore, Maldives, Mauritius, New Zealand, Ukraine.

Some of the countries planned to visit in the near future. (Click on each country to learn how you can help.)

Kenya, Kazakhstan, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Indonesia, Israel and many more. Here is a full list of countries Fredrik is interested in learning from.