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The World of Creativity: The Book

Creativity & Papua New Guinea

What does creativity mean to the people of Papua New Guinea?

Creativity keynote speaker and writer Fredrik Haren will try to answer the above question and more in his upcoming book “The World of Creativity.”

For the research on the World of Creativity Papua New Guinea part of the book, Haren wants to get in touch with as many creative individuals from Papua New Guinea as possible. He wants to know what makes them different from creative people from other parts of the world. What is the world of creativity Papua New Guinea like? He wants to be able to create a profile for the people of Papua New Guinea that would reflect their unique views and opinions on creativity.

Five people who have done the most to help us get in contact with the most amazingly creative people for the research of this book will be rewarded with $1,000. Is that person you?! Perhaps you are even the person Fredrik should interview?

Help us out and send the email, website, or Linkedin-profile of the person we should interview. Best of course if you can introduce Fredrik personally.