Speaker Credentials

Over 1,000,000 people inspired from the stage.

Fredrik Haren:

– Has more than 20 years experience as a global keynote speaker, and has worked with hundreds of companies including VISA, HP, KPMG, BMW and IKEA.

– Was awarded “Speaker of the Year” in Sweden, and was included in “The Top Ten Swedish Speakers Ever”.

– Has written 10 books, including “The Idea Book” which was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.

– Spoke in 24 different countries last year alone. (He is based in Singapore.)

Monthly Updates

November news. As a global keynote speaker I am extra excited when I get to speak at global conferences in different parts of the world. So one of the highlights of this month was to be the closing speaker at the Global Inspiring Forum in Kiev, Ukraine. Another high was to be the closing speaker at the Global Conference of IMD. IMD is ranked #1 worldwide open programs by Financial Times. Honoured to be part of such a successful global organisation.

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February News: Disruption in financial services February was a months where work for financial institutions dominated my bookings. Some of the more interesting speaking assignments were Prudential, EY and FWD. For more than 20 years I have been speaking on change and disruption and it has never been more of a relevant topic than right now. Almost every industry is talking about “change and disruption” and no industry more than the financial services industry.

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March News: Return business. In March I did speeches in Sweden, Germany, India and Singapore. As a speaker it’s always good to get invited back, it’s a sign of very happy clients. And in March I had a few examples if that, for example: – One of two keynote speakers at the Business Times Leadership Conference in Singapore where I was the keynote speaker last year (!) and they invited me back again this year. (Having the same closing keynote speaker at a conference two years in a row is very, very rare.) – In December I spoke at the OpenText client conference in Singapore (which was the second time in 2016 I did that) and that got me to get invited to speak at the OpenText client conferences in Sweden and Germany too this month. (Meaning they flew me in from Singapore to Europe rather than taking a locally based speaker.) – Prudential. Because of the speech I did for prudential in February I got invited back in March to do another speech. All examples of return-business based on great results. But the high light of the month was getting to be the dinner speaker at an event organised by the Swedish Prince Daniel in order to celebrate Creativity and Entreprenurship in Sweden.

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April News: Island month. Last year I started a project which I call: “The Human Island Project”, where I plan to visit 100 islands around the world in 100 months. I do it to learn more about humanity by visiting islands. (You can read about the project here.) As it turned out April was a month where I only spoke in Islands. I did a series of speeches in Mauritius (and brought my wife so we could extend the stay and combine it with an island vacation.) And I also did some speeches on my “home island” of Singapore, including one at the Speakers Academy teaching other speakers about how to become a global keynote speaker.

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May News: Spring is in the air, the speaker is in the air. May took me flying around the world to speak. I spoke for: – A global group of lawyers meeting in London, UK. – A group of global tax experts meeting in Shanghai, China. – A group of global business developers from IKEA meeting in KL, Malaysia. As you can notice all the examples above are for global groups, part of my strategy to be “The Global Conference Speaker” as in the preferred speaker of choice for global conferences. (See: http://www.globalconferencespeaker.com for more information.) (I also, like most months, did a couple of speeches “at home” in Singapore, including for PayPal this month.)

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June News: A diverse and international month. June was an inspirationally diverse month. I got to speak to: – Business leaders in Hong Kong, invited by the Swedish government to represent Swedish creativity. – Global tax managers at an EY conference in Barcelona. – Global HR managers from the law firm DLA Piper having a conference in Warsaw. – Global customers of BMW attending a customer event in Munich (3 speeches over 3 days) – Young leaders from 50+ countries taking part in the Queen’s Young Leaders program in Cambridge. – German entrepreneurs at a conference in Berlin. and – Global clients of steel company Voestalpine at a customer event in their factory in Belgium. I also did two talks for professional speakers. One in Hong Kong and one in Irland, where I spoke about being a global keynote speaker. I think the month of June shows that that is what I am.

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July News: Vacation (mostly). July tends to be my vacation month, and this month I spent most of the month with my family on our private island in Sweden. But I did manage to squeeze in a speech in Macau for Asian managers of AVNET and a speech in Toronto for 4000+ clients and partners of IT company OpenText, making the month of July quite a global month mentally for me any way. Spending time on 3 continents in one month makes it easy to continue to develop a global mindset.

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Want to learn more about how to develop your creativity? Send an email to creativity@interesting.org and I will send you regular emails with simple, yet effective, techniques that you can use to help develop your creativity.

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August News: From speaking to 400,000 people to speaking in Nepal. August became a month of contrast, especially the week of Aug 7 to 13th. In the same week I was: – One of the keynote speakers at The Global Leadership Summit – the largest leadership summit in the world with 10,000 people in the audience, 150,000 people watching live, and a total of 400,000 (!) people watching over video link in 128 countries around the world. It was an amazing experience to speak at the Summit and to share the stage with giants like Sheryl Sandberg, Marcus Buckingham, Bill Hybels and many more great speakers. Then just two days after delivering a speech at the Global Leadership Summit in Chicago I found myself in Katmandu speaking at the leading branding conference of Nepal. The life of a global, keynote speaker is exciting and the mix of people you meet and situations you get to experience is inspiring.

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September News: Focus on the north I might live on the equator (in Singapore) but in September my focus was on speaking – on 3 continents – in the north part of our beautiful planet. North America: Canada. I speaking tour took me all over Canada to speak to Entrepreneurs in 5 different Canadian cities. Europe: Sweden. The leaders of EY Norway put their annual convention in Sweden and invited me to speak to them. Asia: Mongolia. I got the privilege to finally speak in Mongolia as I launched my book “The Idea Book” in Mongolian (the 17th language the book has been translated in.) I also got to speak for lawyers in Hong Kong, bankers in Singapore and did pro-bono speech for an inspiring youth organisation developing young children from across Asia. All in all a great and inspiring month.

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October News: Chickens, cars and investments. October was yet another diverse month. In a matter of two days I spoke for: – Chicken breeders in Hong Kong – Financial investors in Hong Kong and – Educators in the auto industry in Munich. All in less than 48 hours. These three groups, from three totally different industries from different parts of the world have very little in common – but they all need to be inspired to think in new ways, and thus I got the privilege to speak to them. The best part of being a global keynote speaker is how much you get to learn from so many different industries from all around the world.

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December News: A global year comes to an end, In December I had the privilege to speak for companies for such diverse industries as cars, construction, and nuts … I worked in companies internal learning rooms, at hotel ballrooms and – as this picture shows- outside on a deck overlooking a stunning beach in Portugal.

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January News. And so starts another global year. In January I had the privilege to speak such diverse groups as entrepreneurs in Muscat, Oman as well as representatives of some of the largest food companies in Norway. Snow and Sand in the same month. The ability to inspire new ideas to diverse people, from diverse industries, from diverse cultures and from all over the planet is what drives me to continue to travel the world.

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February News. The highlight of February for me was to be selected as the opening keynote speaker at the Global Speaker Summit, a bi-yearly speaker event with professional speakers from all over the world. At the event I was also awarded "The International Ambassadors Award" which recognises "those who have made an obvious, substantial, and sustained contribution to the speaking profession and community". It's selected by all the speaker associations in the world and has only been given 10 times.

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March News. An inspiring and global month comes to its end. In the month of March I had the privilege to speak in London (UK), Paris (France), Abu Dhabi (UAE), KL (Malaysia) and Port Louis (Mauritius). A fitting month for a speaker who just published a book called: "Spread Your Message. See the World. How to become a global keynote speaker".

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April News. The variety of a global keynote speaker. In one month had a client meeting on a beach in Bali before a speech for a shipping company. Spoke at a retail conference in Malaysia. Spoke for wealth managers for a global bank in Hong Kong and for clients of VISA from Africa/Middle East at a conference in Rome. Different audiences, different locations, different industries. Inspirational.

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May news. May was a global speaking months, not only because I got to speak in Singapore, China and India. But also because in May more than 240 speakers from around the world gathered in Singapore for the Asia Professional Speaker Convention, for which I was convention chair this year. It is the most global speaker convention in the world with speakers from 13 countries on stage & speakers from 25 countries attending. Proud and happy to be supporting the global speaking community.

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June news. For the month of June I make Europe (Sweden) my base. So I got to speak in France, Malta (picture), and the UK, for example, but I also got to add India to the list. But most importantly I got to speak to so many different kinds of people from lawyers, to young social entrepreneurs to property managers.

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July and August news. After speaking in 15 countries in the first 6 months of 2018 I cleared my calendar for two months for some vacation and family time that was spent (mostly) on my private island in Sweden. I did do a few select speeches during this time for Hitachi, Adecco, LVMH and The Ministry of Education.

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September news. As a global speaker I am happy to speak all over the world. But in September I actually got do do a few speeches in Singapore. Interestingly one was for 800 directors in Singapore companies where the theme was "Globalisation", so I was still in my "global element".

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October news. The month of October started with me being invited to Professional Speakers Association UK/Ireland to speak about how to become a global keynote speaker. Fittingly enough I then flew straight from the convention to speak in: Malaysia (Borneo), USA (Illinois) and then back for a speech in Singapore. 36 time zones in less than a week. Global indeed. Got to speak to financial advisors, accountants, healthcare workers, lotto organisers and IT-companies.

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STEP 1: Watch the speaker’s show reel.

A show reel is a quick way to get a sense of what the speaker is like.

STEP 2: Watch a full speech

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STEP 3: Ensure topic relevancy.

Find out more about what the speaker speak on, the topics he/she is passionate about and what he/she is like as a speaker.

STEP 4: Confirm availability.

It doesn’t matter if the speaker is a perfect fit if the speaker is not available on the date for your conference. Connect with the speaker to check availability and to make sure the speaker is a good fit for your conference. A quick call or short email can straighten out most question marks.


Fredrik gets more than 95% of his speaking business from returning customers and/or referrals from clients who have seen him speak before.

Voest Alpine


Ruta Kruliauskaite

“Fredrik Härén and Seth Godin were the highest rated speakers at FORUM ONE. Our audience just couldn’t get enough of Fredrik! An hour keynote presentation went like no time and I can’t wait to bring him back for our future conferences.”

Ruta Kruliauskaite
Executive Producer, Forum One

Manager Global Strategic Events

“Fredrik is an acclaimed speaker whose speeches genuinely resonate with audiences across the globe. He listened to our brief and adapted his content perfectly for our global tax event in Singapore, his presentation style visibly lifted the audience’s energy levels and he ended up receiving the highest speaker feedback score across the whole event from a delegation of 36 different nationalities. We would thoroughly recommend Fredrik for any global speaker engagements and look forward to working with him again this year.”

Manager Global Strategic Events
Big Four Accounting firm

Paddy Crawshaw

“At our regional conference Fredrik demonstrated an unique ability to both challenge and inspire an extremely diverse global leadership group. He has set a hard act for anyone to follow.”

Paddy Crawshaw
OMD (OMD Asia Management Conference)

Frances Brown

“The crowd, from 53 countries, were enthralled and entertained from start to finish! We are happy to say he will be returning this year as well!”

Frances Brown
Mentoring and Course Director, Leading Change (The Queens Leadership program)

Sven-Olof Husmark

“Insightful, energetic, fun and interactive. Fredrik brought his best game to our event when he got people from more than 50 countries inspired about why innovation is crucial in the age of the customer.”

Sven-Olof Husmark
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Qmatic Group (Qmatic Global Customer Conference)

Ed Nusbaum

“Our global conference brings all our CEOs together from around the world and Fredrik Haren’s talk could not have been more on point or more energising. He set us up perfectly for the two days that followed and we had one of our most, if not the most, successful conferences ever.”

Ed Nusbaum
CEO, Grant Thornton International Ltd (Grant Thornton Global Partners Conference)

Vinnie Lauria

“Fredrik Haren was a top rated speaker at our global VC event, he was both entertaining and thought provoking on what it means to do business in our new global world.”

Vinnie Lauria
Global Kauffman Fellows Summit

Jon Lisby

“Fredrik Härén an outstanding speaker. We have actually used him at two (!) Kreston World Conferences. We normally never bring back a keynote speaker to the same group, but with Fredrik Härén we made an exception – he was that good. Book him, your members will be amazed.”

Jon Lisby
Global CEO, Kreston

Brian Longe

“Fredrik was awesome! We are definitely going to use him again for future conferences!”

Brian Longe
CEO, Wolters Kluwer Financial & Compliance Services

Megan N. Schwartz

“Fredrik used humor, intellect, and personal stories to perfectly illustrate the importance of thinking outside of the box. He was able to connect with a very diverse audience and deliver a message that everyone could relate to and understand – it was by far the highlight of our event!”

Megan N. Schwartz
FLMI, CMP, International Conference Manager (LIMRA Global Conference)

Speaking Style

Inspiring content,
humor and
audience Interaction.

Speaking Style Photo

Fredrik Haren has an unusually effective speaking style of combining humor and audience interaction with useful content that inspires new thinking and a willingness to change.

The most common word to describe him as a speaker is: inspirational.

Fredrik’s speciality is to be the “Global Conference Speaker”. Fredrik knows how to craft a speech so that, let’s say, an American, a Brazilian, a German and a Chinese all will be inspired and laugh and the same time feel that they walk away from the session with meaningful take-aways that were relevant to them. Just last year alone he spoke at 23 different global or international conferences.


Three most common topics client book Fredrik to deliver as keynotes.


Business Creativity

About what creativity is, why it is important and what we can all do to become more creative. Popular in both highly creative industries as well as in industries that want to become more creative.


Disruption & Change

About our need to see, understand and react to change in our business and our environment. Popular in fast changing industries, or industries that feel that big changes are coming.


Global & Human Mindset

What it means to have a global mindset, how to run a truly global company and – ultimately – what it means to be human.

About what it means to be a Truly Global Company, how to develop a more global mindset. Popular with Multinational organisations in all industries.


Helping other speakers become better.

Apart from being a global keynote speaker Fredrik spends a lot of time helping other speakers become better. On his blog ProfessionalSpeaking.com Fredrik shares a behind the scenes peek into the life of a global keynote speaker, while sharing how you can become a better speaker, and how you too can build your own successful speaking business.

In the last 12 months alone he has done one-on-one mentoring sessions with more than 100 speakers in 10+ countries, helping them find their inner theme as speakers, develop a better keynote and develop their speaking career.

Latest post from ProfessionalSpeaking.com

10 December 2018 BY FREDRIK HAREN

In all the different ways a speaker can get feedback, which way is the most valuable? There are many ways for a professional speaker to get feedback, and in almost 20 years as a inspirational keynote speaker I have gotten loads and loads of feedback. So based on the different ways you can get feedback […]

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Fredrik’s Books

The Idea Book

A combination of book and notebook designed to awaken your creativity. Included in The 100 Best Business Books of All Time.

The Developing World

The Developing World

How an explosion of creativity from developing countries is changing the world - and why the developed world has to start paying attention.

One World, One Company

One World, One Company

How some of the best companies in the world are becoming global. And why you should too.

Spread Your Message. See the World.

Spread Your Message. See the World.

How to become a Global Keynote Speaker. Lessons from getting booked to speak in 23 countries in one year.

This concludes the information about Fredrik as a speaker and writer. The rest of this site is dedicated to what drives him to write and speak around the world.

Humanity to the power of ideas.

Humanity to the power of ideas.

By Fredrik Haren


Fredrik’s Inner Theme is "Humanity to the power of Ideas" which means that his mission in life is to help maximise the potential of humanity through creativity and the sharing of ideas.

Below is some of his latest content in the areas of creativity, change and what it means to be human.


Creativity & Change

Inspiring ideas.


Fredrik Harens definition of an idea is: IDEA = P(K+I). An idea equals that a Person takes his/her Knowledge and combines it with Information. It means that there is nothing totally new, everything is a combination of previously known things in a new way. When we look at creativity like that we understand that there are infinite new ideas waiting to be revealed by combining the knowledge and the information we have access to.


“In the “Be Creative Project” Fredrik Haren interviews people all over the globe about their views in creativity.

In the “Be the Change Project” Fredrik Haren travels around the world and interviews people who in some aspect are experts on change.

Watch the latest videos from the two projects below.

The Ideas Island

Ideas Island (www.ideasisland.com) is a project run by Fredrik Haren where he let’s creative people from around the world stay – for free – on his private island to develop a creative project. if you too want to get a chance to stay on the island apply here.

Apply Here

Humanity/Global Mindset

Think Human. Act Humane.


In the “Be Human Project “Fredrik Haren travels the world and interviews interesting people about what it means to be human. Why? Because by focusing on what we have in common, on what makes us similar – in what makes us human – we will become more humane.

Follow the project here, or on YouTube.

All the videos are also re-posted on


It has never been more important to understand what is happening in the whole world. It has never been more crucial to give oneself a broader – and deeper – understanding of our home planet. As human beings, we need to start thinking beyond borders and make a conscious effort to look at mankind as one, and to start thinking of Earth as our common home.

In “The Human Island Project” Fredrik Haren travels to 100 islands, in at least 25 countries around the world, in 100 months. The project’s purpose is to better understand humanity and our roles and responsibilities as humans as we all live on the small little ‘island” called Earth. www.thehumanisland.com


Or follow Fredrik on:
where all the island visits will be re-posted.

Humanity to the power of ideas.