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Let us explore how, as one of the inspirational speakers of Singapore who believes that “creativity is inspired” and “a global mindset broadens your mind”, Fredrik Haren manifests the close relation between Inspiration and Creativity.

Dive into the unknown

We as human beings have an innate fear of things we can’t fathom. Despite this, Fredrik Haren, along with many other inspirational speakers, encourages us to dive headfirst into the unknown, cultivating an open mind. Hence, we welcome something entirely novel and unprecedented by embracing the mystery.

Pursue one’s passions

From experimenting on new recipes for the holidays to building a robot that segregates trash, creativity is everywhere. It prevails not only in the Arts but also in everyday life. As inspirational speakers all around the world put it, the best ideas come from one’s interest, with a higher chance of turning them into reality.

One of the most common and easiest ways to get inspired is having an idea book where one takes notes of whatever idea comes to mind. Due to ideas being usually cached for a brief moment, one must always carry the book along with them or have it nearby. This is what Fredrik Haren, one of the inspirational speakers of Singapore, suggests.

Respect your surroundings

As one might mistakenly believe, creativity doesn’t only come from the depths of our being, but also in the environment we are in. Not many take their workplaces, home desks, or dinner tables seriously. When consciously taken into account, our environment does factor in. As inspirational speakers constantly mention, our environment does have a big impact on our mental and emotional, as well as physical well-being.

We now have the basic components of inspiration. Now comes the hard part: sustaining and actualizing it.

Design a vision board

A popular method recommended by inspirational speakers is making a dream or vision board. A vision board can be made using an illustration board and printed images and words or using your phone or laptop via artistic software.

These boards contain goals, dreams, and values expressed through words and images. The very purpose of a vision board is to maintain your motivation and focus on the goal you have set your mind on.

Another purpose of having the images reflect what you want to achieve, as presented by inspirational speakers of Singapore, is for you to subconsciously manifest it while you work towards it.

The takeaway

Fredrik, a member of the leading inspirational speakers of Singapore, believes that “If every human being was given the chance to reach his or her full creative potential, the world would be a much better place.”

Inspiration sparks creativity, and creativity breeds inspiration. One cannot exist without the other. Together, inspiration and creativity will pave the way to showcasing our full capabilities and bring about positive universal change.


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