Virtual Keynote Speaker

Looking for a speaker to inspire your team via video?

The last months have seen a huge increase in demand for virtual speeches and presentations. As Covid-19 has put a stop to travel, conferences and meetings, we still need to connect and get together.

Virtual meetings have become the norm, at least until we can all meet again in person.

A virtual speech should be more than just a person in front of a webcam.
It should be more inspiring than a webinar. Done right, a virtual speech can be a better experience than seeing a speaker live – more engaging, more interactive, and a better learning opportunity. (Done wrong it can be a disaster…)

Virtual Speeches should not just be virtual versions of the real thing – they should take advantage of the unique possibilities for connecting, interacting, polling, and communicating with the audience.

They should also take advantage of the features that modern technology offers, from how the speaker is presented, to how he/she interacts with the audience and to how the content is delivered.

Fredrik Haren has presented virtually (via Zoom, video-link, video streaming platforms etc) to more than 400,000 people in over 130 countries. (He presented his first virtual speech way back in 1998 (!) (on a long forgotten technology called VXtreme…)

As a full-time, professional keynote speaker for over 20 years, he knows how to develop engaging content. As an experienced virtual speaker he knows how to use virtual speaking technology. Trust in Fredrik to deliver a great experience to the audience of your virtual event.

Check out some recent videos from Fredrik on different aspects of virtual speaking.

The big debate in virtual speaking: Sitting down or standing up?

Do not just deliver a webinar - deliver a Virtual Speech.

In this video Fredrik, in a few short minutes, showcases the difference in experience that can be achieved by a few, simple technological updates.

Virtual Speech Participant Instructions

A video to be shown before Fredrik “steps on the virtual stage” to prime the audience for a virtual speech experience, infuse some humor into the event, and get people excited about what is coming up next.


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