Meet The Creativity Explorer

Watch this short video (< 2 minutes) of how Fredrik Haren travels the world to talk to, and learn from, some of the most creative people on the planet.

Achieve success for your event: Book one of the world’s most experienced keynote speakers.

Fredrik Haren has:
–  More than 20 years of experience as a full-time, global, keynote speaker, and has worked with hundreds of companies including VISA, HP, KPMG, BMW and IKEA.
– Was awarded “Speaker of the Year” in Sweden, and was included in “The Top Ten Best Swedish Speakers Ever”.
– Has written 10 books, including “The Idea Book” which was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.
– An average of speaking in over 20 countries on across 6 continents annually.

His vast experience as a global speaker will ensure a great experience for you and your audience.

Why choose Fredrik?

Get a keynote speaker you can trust to deliver.

More than 2,000 speeches
successfully delivered.
Invited to speak in 75 countries, on 6 continents.
Inspired more than
1,000,000 people from the stage.


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The Creativity Explorer Podcast

Each month, Fredrik shares longer and more insightful interviews on The Creativity Explorer PodcastEX. Fredrik’s main means of spreading creativity inspiration is the weekly blog “The Creativity Explorer PodcastEX”. (Sign up for it here.) There he shares weekly tips, insights and lessons on how we can discover our full creative potential.  However, some of the interviews Fredrik does are too long for the short format of a blog. Those interviews are selected for the podcast. If you like to really dig deep and listen to the wisdom of creative people from around the world, then check out the podcast. There , Fredrik interviews diverse people such as hostage negotiators, artists and rescue helicopter pilots on how they use, develop and expand their creativity in their jobs and life.

Professional Speaking with Fredrik Haren is Fredrik Haren’s way of giving back to the professional speaking community. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive free resources on professional speaking on the internet.

Join the more than 20,000 people who follow with Fredrik Haren.


Imagine getting access – for free! – to a beautiful, private island and have it all to yourself for one week to just work on a creative project of your choice. That is what ideas Island is. It might sound too good to be true, but all great ideas do. Click below to read more about this CSR project from Fredrik Haren and apply to stay on the island yourself!

Meet Fredrik Haren

Fredrik has dedicated his life to learn as much as he can about human creativity – and to spread the message of its infinite potential to as many people as possible.

He has interviewed thousands of people, on six continents, about the creative process, from Astronauts to social workers in the red-light district of Mumbai.

Snapshots of the life and work of The Creativity Explorer.

Fredrik Haren is driven by his Inner Theme of “Humanity to the Power of Ideas.”

It means that he believes in the potential of humanity and the power of human creativity. Fredrik believes that if every human being was given the chance to reach his or her full creative potential - as well as was inspired to pick up the very best ideas from all over the planet - the world would be a much better place.

If you share Fredrik’s vision then join him, collaborate with him, and work with him to help  this vision come to life.


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