Innovation Speaker

Read on as we talk about how, as an innovation speaker, Fredrik Haren shares his take on innovation and the secret to propagating innovation wherever you go and using it to build resilience.

The world as we know it

Change, as the cliche goes, is the only constant thing in this world. Time and time again, daily events have proven this to not only be true but to be a necessity of life. In fact, the need for diversity skyrockets today of all days where we are faced with events that have shaken everyone to their core.

Needless to say, we need to always be open with whatever life throws at us: may it be as a nation, an organization, or even as an individual. But how do we prepare for the unknown? Let us learn from Fredrik Haren as he showcases his expertise as an innovation speaker on how we can indulge in the art of innovation.

Sparking ideas

It is no mystery why some of the most well-known people in the world are inventors. They bring about disruption one way or another, and, depending on societal impact, they make their marks in this world. Yet these inventions didn’t come from thin air. They emerged from an idea.

Being the innovation speaker that he is, he believes that the conception of ideas is the root of any great creation. All things start from the tiniest of units. Then, with the right discipline and thirst for learning, small ideas turn into big ones, and big ideas turn into masterpieces.

Mixing purpose and creativity

Then again, anyone can have an idea. What makes a real difference, the innovation speaker believes, is the story behind it and what it is for. How did this idea come to be? What was the purpose for the idea to come to being? Aside from intent, how you present and deliver your idea is just as important as the idea itself.

Fredrik, who has always been a fan of creativity, incorporates his interest in the arts into everything he does, even as an innovation speaker. He believes that for anything to mesmerize the brain into subjecting beyond its comfort zone, an idea needs to be wrapped in something captivating to the wits.

Adapt and overcome

Only when you have the killer combination of expertise, purpose, and creativity, as shared by our very own innovation speaker, will you truly bring about change. If you will it, you can even turn it into a habit.

When you open yourself to innovation, you become more and more resilient and adaptive to whatever circumstance you are thrown in. This is how, amidst the unknown, we can ready ourselves, come what may.


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