Best Keynote Speaker

As a global keynote speaker, Fredrik Haren emphasizes on the importance of knowing when to speak, how to deal with a global audience, and how to make them feel part of an experience.

Fit for purpose

The definition of a keynote that is understood by all the great keynote speakers is: a speech that sets the theme for the convention, or if it’s at the end, a speech that summarizes the convention that just occurred.

A keynote speaker must be able to identify which conference best suits them in the same way how the cooperation must know when to book a keynote speaker. The specialty of the keynote speaker must be in line with the theme of the conference.

There are two kinds of great keynote speakers generally. You have the motivational, inspirational speakers and you have the topic experts, business speakers. However, to become one of the best keynote speakers, you must embody both.

“What I am is a combination of both; I am a motivational, inspirational speaker who speaks on the topic of business,” says Fredrik Haren.

Working across borders

Fredrik Haren, a distinguished global keynote speaker, believes that “a global mindset broadens your mind”. Great keynote speakers encourage us to stay relevant and gain international influence to become one of the best keynote speakers. Accordingly, organizations book a keynote speaker that is globally and culturally aware and up to date.

With twenty-two years of doing research and interviews on real life scenarios all around the world and being able to engage with a global audience of more than 70 different countries of 6 continents, Fredrik Haren, a prominent global keynote speaker, values the significance of globalization and innovation in one’s keynotes.

Communicating on a human level

If you are a keynote speaker, you need to be able to deliver more than just a speech that might as well be shown on video. Great keynote speakers interact, have fun, and improvise with the audience. The best keynote speakers make their audience feel like they’re part of an experience. At the same time, they deliver a business message that is practical.

Corporations book a keynote speaker that have strong verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and listening skills. That is why the best keynote speakers are adept at handling their relationships with fellow people. Not only does a keynote speaker has to excel at speech, but also with facial expressions, body language, and most importantly, learning to listen. These are the criteria for which a company, an organization, or a cooperation consider whenever they book a keynote speaker.


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