Maximally Annoying Small Problems – MASP (Episode 217)

Maximally Annoying Small Problems – MASP (Episode 217)

I will exemplify with the iPhone:

As a left-handed person, why can I not choose to put the camera button on the left side for easier and faster access?

Why doesn’t the iPhone recognize if the background picture is light at the top, and then change the colour of the battery status and reception bar from white to black?

And why can I not swipe left twice (!) to get to the last screen of my apps (i.e. it would be a loop) so that I could quickly get to the last downloaded apps?

And why does Siri Suggestions only show 4 latest used apps, why can I not see the 20 last used apps if I want to?

Etc etc etc.

Maximally Annoying Small Problems (MASP) are small problems that annoy you daily.

Why are companies not more interested in fixing the MASP?

Why are companies not more deliberately, more frequently and more actively asking us for the most annoying aspect of their products and services?

Companies have FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) easily accessible for their users, but what they should have is a MASP button easily accessible.

Companies: Make it easier to complain about the most frequent Maximally Annoying Small Problems.

Out of curiosity: What is your MASP?

Would love to know your thoughts. Post your comment on LinkedIn.


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