The Creativity Suite

The global network for C-suite executives and heads of innovation passionate about developing the creative capacity of their organisations. The Creativity Suite is by invitation only. It is a place to learn, share, get insights and develop the tools, techniques and mindset needed to be a world leader in innovation.

The Creativity Suite has members located all over the world. A small sample:

  • Konstantin Karpushin, Head of Innovations & Technology CIS at KPMG (Ukraine)
  • Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer for Europe for Samsung (U.K.)
  • Georgina Lee, Innovation, Growth and Experience Leader at Mercer Australia (Australia)
  • Becky Buchen, Senior Vice President of Innovation, OSF HealthCare (USA)

And many more.

What is included

  • Once a year, you get a one-on-one in-depth interview with Fredrik Haren on the topic of innovation. creativity and change. It is a coaching session (in person or virtually) where you dive deep into who you are to discover how you approach creativity and how you could better develop your own creativity and the creativity of your team. The insights from that interview is delivered as an article to you after the session. (More sessions can be booked separately.)
  • 50 episodes of The Creativity Suite “White Article” – short, high value, and insightful articles on how companies around the world work with innovation and creativity.
  • Virtual and in-person meet-ups for conversation between the members of The Creativity Suite to share best practises. Click here to download a sample of the weekly articles on innovation that the members of The Creativity Suite gets access to:


Join The Creativity Suite and become part of a group of peers passionate about innovation and creativity from a C-suite perspective

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The Creativity Suite is open for C-suite executives and managers with the title “Heads of Innovation”, “VP of Innovation” etc


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