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A “Good Good Idea” (The World of Creativity: Episode 10)

“What is a good idea?”

I get that question a lot.

But I think we should not just aim for “good ideas” but for “good good ideas”.

Let me explain.

This week I was in contact with Sarnai, a Mongolian women who runs a orphanage in Ulaanbaatar together with her husband Mike (who is a fellow speaker) The oldest child is now in 12th grade and is preparing for entrance exam to medical school.

She told me about a new project they have created which is a shelter where homeless women can put their children during the day while they try to make a living. Like a free Kindergarten. This shelter now also serves as a place where the mothers can learn new skills to get more decent jobs.

Living on the street is never easy, but being a child and living on the streets of Ulaanbaatar in the winter is very, very though.

What Sarnai and Mike are doing is such a “good good idea” – not only is the idea good – it is also doing good.

Often we look at creativity and we think “new technology” or “art”, and while both new technology and art are very important, sometimes the really good ideas are just a human being caring for another human being. Those “good good ideas” are often even free.

But in the case of the shelter in Ulaanbaatar there is a cost to running the shelter (such as rent for the space etc).

I decided to cover the cost of the shelter for this month. If you want to also help them feel free to transfer some money too.

(Sarnai and Mike are really good friends of mine and I promise the money will be spent in a good way.)

If you have questions you can email:

UOB Account savings number: 324-386-282-3

PayNow: +65 9867-6289

Helping some of the most vulnerable children on Earth is a “good good idea”.

In your quest to build the most amazing, creative life for yourself, do not forget to help the people who are less fortunate.

Spend some of your creativity on developing some “good good ideas”.

** Fredrik Haren ***

ps. In the true spirit of Christmas: Let’s create ideas that make the world a better place.


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