An “exceeder”. (Episode 189)

I like to make up new words to describe my thoughts. Today I want to introduce you to “exceeder”.

An exceeder is an idea that exceeded your expectations. An idea that came out better than you intended.

When we try to be creative, we imagine that what we think is the perfect idea.

Yet frequently, quite often, to be honest, our ideas come out way better than we imagined.

Take my glass dome office that I built, as an example. When I was thinking about ideas for my new office, I imagined a glass dome that would have amazing views, have me be close to nature, have me sitting in a “creative bubble” and inspire me by its unusual and exciting shape.

And when I built my glass dome I got all of that.

But when I was planning it, I thought I would sit in the dome just in the summers (It lacks insulation and proper heating). I thought that when fall came, I would have to go down and work in my house again.

But today it’s the 23 of November and I am still sitting in the dome watching the sky and the sea.

So I was wrong. My idea of a summer glass dome was exceeded. Turns out that the result I got was a ‘3/4 of the year’ office.

When is the last time that an idea ended up way better than you imagined it?

When is the last time you had an exceeder?

Would love to know your thoughts – post your comment here.

Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer, today sharing insights from a magical island in Sweden




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