Become Creative Energy. (Episode 110.)

Become Creative Energy. (Episode 110.)

Interview with Jorge Lopez-Doriga, Chief Communication and Sustainability Officer at AJE.


In my job as The Creativity Explorer I get to meet so many very creative people. People who embody the very essence of creativity. It’s the best part of my job and a privilege.

I can live on these meetings for days. I recall one of these unforgettable meetings held sometime back, with Jorge Lopez-Doriga, Chief Communication and Sustainability Officer at AJE –  the 5th largest beverage company in the world.

I wish I would have just recorded our conversation and put it up as a podcast, because it’s hard to summarise Jorge’s views on creativity, but I will try. But in honor of our conversation I will not just reference what was said, instead I will take the creative liberty to publish the essence of the message of our conversation about creativity. Some of these lines Jorge said, some of it I wrote based on what he said.

Read it slow and reflect.

Become Creative Energy.

– There is no separation between you and the world.

– What you see is energy that functions.

– All the past and all the future is included in today.

– When you access the source of everything, you enter the creative source.

– It gives you a vision of what to do.

– Get rid of your point of view. When you do, you get the whole picture.

– The world is being created and dissolved at every instance.

– Do not hold on to your ideas. You need to constantly question your approach.

– Ideas are not yours, they pass through you.

– Connect with the infinite unknown.

– Find the source where all is coming from.

– Turn the creative light inwards. They are called in-sights after all. The direction is clear. Go inwards.

– When you look at the surface of the mind you only see what is shallow. The surface is choppy, the calm is in the deep. Dive down there.

– Ideas come to us. They are not yours. Make sure you are open enough to receive them. Remove the interference.

– Do not just listen, become listening.

– When you really listen and see, you do not see objects or hear sounds – you see energy.

– Aim for a space that is a combination of emptiness and consciousness.

– This is not something you have to learn – it’s something you have to remember.

– Real art is transparent, you do not see paint and a canvas, you see something else.

– Creativity in the natural revolution – you have to find your source of creativity.

– It’s about returning to the source.

– Become the question – but do not look for the answer.

– When you ask questions all doors are open. When you look for answers all doors close except one.

– The problem with answers is that they make you think you know something.

– When you tap the creative source you cannot help but to respond – you get so much energy.

– How can you be tired with all the energy that exists in the source?

Become Creative Energy.

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