Creativity Inspiration – Edward de Bono. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 105)

Creativity Inspiration – Edward de Bono. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 105)

In this post,  I want to celebrate the life (and honor the death) of Edward de Bono – the man who inspired millions of people, including me, to study creativity and lateral thinking. Thanks to one of his books that I read at university, I came to realize that creativity was something that you could study and make a living from. I am very happy I went on that journey of studying this very interesting topic.


Interesting story: I never met Edward, but I met his brother Peter de Bono in Beijing once and we had a disagreement about if “inspiration” was needed to be creative. He argued that it was not, and that what you needed was tools. He said: “If you want to open a locked door you need tools”. I argued back: “But if you are not inspired and motivated to want to open the door it does not matter how many tools you have…”


Watch the full video here.


I think inspiration is crucial for creativity.


Edward de Bono inspired me to be more creative. And for that I am very grateful.


Who inspires you to be more creative?




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