Creativity is fundamental for mental well-being. (Episode 202)

Creativity is fundamental for mental well-being. (Episode 202)

One of the people I met on my trip to Singapore this week was fellow speaker YuJin Wong. YuJin speaks on the very important topic of Mental Wellbeing and he told me that one of the pillars of his speech is to talk about the need to do something creative in your life.

I think that is great advice because being creative makes us happy.

I asked him, “So what creative thing do YOU do to stay happy?” and he told me that during covid he had taken up learning to play jazz piano by taking lessons on Zoom from a teacher in Japan (!)

What is your creative project that you do primarily because it makes you happier and more mentally sound?



ps. Companies should help their people become more creative not just so that their organizations will be more innovative, but also because it will create happier and healthier employees.


Fredrik Haren, The Creativity Explorer

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