Creativity makes us happy! (Episode 204)

Creativity makes us happy! (Episode 204)

Last night (at midnight) I delivered a virtual Masterclass on creativity for Hellomonday (I did it from a hotel room in Vienna and because Hello Monday is in Australia it meant doing it at midnight for me.)

I started the virtual Masterclass by saying that the creative process makes us happy! There is a value in being creative just because it makes us happier. Having ideas, working on them and seeing them materialize makes us happy.

Edvard Munch, for example, did not suffer from mental illness because he was creative, he most likely became less mentally ill because he painted.

The notion that creative people are full of struggles, anxiety and suffering is a myth that needs to be debunked. Sure, the creative process can be difficult, but I am 100% convinced that when all is said and done the creative process adds more positive aspects to our lives than negative ones. (And that’s not even counting all the benefits of how our creative work benefits the world.)

Want to live a happy and fulfilling life? Then live a creative life.

And if you want to live a creative life, then you should invest time, attention and resources into developing your creative potential. Are you doing that?

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