Creativity to the Power of Computers. (AI Jokes and More) (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 144)

Creativity to the Power of Computers. (AI Jokes and More) (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 144)

People have for years been saying that “When AI comes we have to do what the computer can not do, which is to be creative.”
I never really understood that. I think AI will be able to do many things that we look at as creative. (And now we are seeing Ai create things like songs and illustrations and design buildings that many people would describe as “Creative”.)
With the launch of Chat GPT ( we have reached another milestone in AI  (they seem to come very rapidly lately)
For fun I asked the AI chatbot to write me a joke about Creativity. It came up with:

“Why was the idea arrested? Because it had a lot of great concepts, but no substance.”

“Why did the idea go to the doctor? Because it was a little sketchy.”
Not bad. Not great, but way better than what I could come up with in a few seconds…
I also asked it to “Write a short manifesto about the potential of AI to help humans become more creative.”
It gave me this:
“AI has the potential to help humans become more creative by providing new tools and methods for generating and evaluating creative ideas. With its ability to analyze and interpret large amounts of data quickly and accurately, AI can help humans identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent, providing new inspiration and insights for creative problem-solving. Additionally, AI can be used to evaluate and assess creative ideas based on specific criteria, helping humans to refine and improve their ideas in ways that would not be possible without the assistance of AI.
Furthermore, AI can help to democratize creativity by providing new and affordable tools and platforms for individuals and communities to generate and share their creative ideas. By leveraging the power of AI, everyone can have access to the same level of support and guidance for their creative endeavors, regardless of their background, experience, or resources.
In conclusion, the potential of AI to help humans become more creative is vast and exciting, and it is up to us to seize this opportunity and use AI responsibly and ethically to unlock our full creative potential.”
I also asked it to be answer the question in fewer words:
“AI can augment human creativity by providing new ways to generate and evaluate ideas. AI algorithms can identify patterns in data, and evaluate creative ideas based on criteria like novelty and usefulness. AI can also democratize creativity by providing affordable tools and platforms. Overall, AI has the potential to help humans become more creative.”
The AI development will create amazing advances for humanity. It might also create some really bad things. We will soon find out.
I know one thing for sure, playing around with the latest AI tools has fueled my creativity this week. Go and play with it! Explore it.
Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.

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