Creativity vs crisis

Creativity vs crisis

I’ve got 3 interesting things to share with you this month:

1. Virtual keynote speeches

It is clear that companies are starting to realise that with physical conferences gone, and people working more from home, the need for virtual inspiration is at an all time high.

A virtual keynote speech is the perfect solution.

So, I asked my 3 children to dress up and help me create a video on: “Virtual Speech Participation Instructions” for how to manage virtual speeches.

As a biased father, I think you will really enjoy the 1-minute video.

It’s created to give brighten up the mood of people attending a virtual speech – while getting out all the “housekeeping” matters out of the way in an entertaining manner.

This week I am giving 3 virtual keynote speeches (on two continents).

And if it’s right for you, I would love to work with your organisation to deliver a virtual keynote speech to boost the creative spirits.

Please drop me a line if you are interested in learning more…

2. Creativity vs Crisis – A Story

A lot of people ask me, “What is the most creative solution that has been created around Covid-19?”

There are SO many examples of course, and this one is perhaps not the best one – but it is funny:

A city in Sweden wanted to make sure that people did not mingle too much in a park. Generally, people would meet at this park to celebrate “Valborg” (a big party to celebrate the arrival of spring).

So, in an effort to discourage this, the city put a fence around the park…

But realised that Swedes would probably jump over the fence and party in the park anyway!

So, how do you stop people from going to the park?

In a creative turn of events, the city decided to dump tons of chicken poop (!), using the “excuse” that they would use this time with the park being fenced off to give the grass some fertiliser.

I did not see if it actually worked, but I give an “A” for creative thinking – sometime the “crappy” ideas are the best ones 🙂

What is the best Creativity vs Crisis idea you have seen? I’d love to hear from you.

3. The Creativity Suite – How to really measure innovation

How do you really measure innovation?

In my series “The Creativity Suite” I today posted Episode 12:

How to really measure innovation​

In this episode, I interview Alex Goryachev, head of a global network of Innovation Centers and Employee Innovation Programs at Cisco to get his insights on corporate innovation:

I hope it will inspire some new thoughts on innovation.

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