Daily Creativity Insights. (Episode 194)

Daily Creativity Insights. (Episode 194)

I published this text on LinkedIn and since you are following me here I thought you might appreciate to know about my goal for 2024 of posting one SHORT creativity insight on LinkedIn every (working) day.

Follow me on LinkedIn (if you do not already do that) and let’s, together, explore creativity there as well. (I will of course also continue to publish here.)

I wish you a very creative 2024.

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My post on LinkedIn:


In 2023 I focused on long-form text on LinkedIn (I published well over 50 long-form texts in the form of Articles and Newsletters on LinkedIn in 2023.)

For 2024, my focus will be on short-form.

(I will still publish long-form texts, like my series “The Creativity Suite”, but my focus will be on shorter texts.)

The reasons for focusing on shorter texts on LinkedIn are:

1) I want to challenge myself to condense my insights.

2) I want to put aside more time to write longer texts for my next couple of books.

3) I think I might be more consistent in my postings.

and, most importantly,

4) I have this idea that my audience might actually prefer short-form content on LinkedIn.

As the image is hinting, my goal is to publish one creativity insight per (working) day.

I am looking forward to continue exploring creativity with you in 2024.


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