Focus on how many “days of…” you have. (Episode 212)

Focus on how many “days of…” you have. (Episode 212)

On Friday, the sun was shining, and the sea was calm, so I decided to paddle from Stockholm to my island.

It was a day of paddling.

While paddling, I was reflecting on the number one advantage of running my own company: the fact that I am in control of how I spend my days.

If I want to paddle on a Friday, I will paddle on a Friday.

It also means that if I want to work on a Saturday, I work on a Saturday.

I never reflect on having “days off”; instead, I think of having “days of …”.

One day can be a day of selling. One day (yesterday, as a matter of fact) is a day of doing admin.

This doesn’t mean that the whole day has to be about just one thing. It means that I make sure to focus on one thing every day.

It also means that I will wake up and say, “What is this day about?” and if it is about paddling, then I will paddle.

Freedom, having  the power to act, speak, or think as one wants, is the most valuable of freedoms.

And to make sure one has freedom at work should be the number one priority of anyone chosing to do a job.

Because the opposite of freedom is (literally) slavery.

Have you created a job that gives you freedom?

If not, make sure you do.

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