Exceptional Creativity. (Episode 211)

Exceptional Creativity. (Episode 211)

“We are living in exceptional times. That means we need exceptional creativity.”
The words came from the CEO of an energy company who spoke before me at their annual conference last week.
It was the perfect introduction to my speech, as I was invited to speak on the topic of creativity.
But it was also a perfect description of where the energy sector is right now.
During my 30 years as a professional speaker, I have seen industries go through rapid change, and when they do, they tend to book me to help their people become better at dealing with change.
For example:
During and after the financial crises, I did a lot of work for banks.
About 15 years ago I did a lot of work for car companies (when the car industry was starting to go through a lot of change)
About 7-8 years ago I did a lot of work for accounting firms when the industry understood that machine learning was going to impact their industry.
When I started speaking in the mid 90’s I spoke for all kinds of industries as the Internet and digitalisation made everyone feel they had to change.
And the last year or so I have been doing a lot of work for energy companies.
The race to find alternatives to oil and gas and an increased interest in sustainable energy production have created an energy industry that is changing rapidly.
And of course, right now AI is creating another push for industries to change.
I just love how innovation is pushing innovation.

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