Explore and Search. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 133)

Explore and Search. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 133)

Who do you need to learn from?



In the last 100 days, I have done more than 50 (!) one-hour one-on-one interviews with leading innovators around the world.


From Nicholas McQuire, Director, Strategic Missions and Technologies at Microsoft, Microsoft, (UK)


to Rafael de Jesus, Head of Innovation Teams Partnership & Development Petrobas (Brazil)


From Angelica Garza, Chief Human Resources Officer Aeromexico, (Mexico)


to David De Schutter, Global VP Innovation & Technology Development AB InBev (Belgium)


And many, many more.


I have learnt more about the creative process, how big organisations innovate, about creativity in different parts of the world, and much much more.


I might have studied creativity for the last 25+ years but it is my experience that you can learn something new in every single conversation you have with an

expert on a topic you are interested in.


That is why I always say that the main job of a speaker is not to speak – but to speak to people. To do research. To explore his/her topic.


And that is important to anyone wanting to develop in any field.


Who do you need to speak to?


What do you need to learn?



Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.


P.S. While some of the interviews have been done in person in countries such as Germany, Montenegro and Sweden. Most of them have been done via Zoom – a wonderful tool for in-person interviews and research.

Before the acceptance of virtual meetings there is no way I could have done so many interviews across so many regions as I have done in the last 100 days. And most of them I have been doing while sitting on my little island in the archipelago of Stockholm. Every man might very well be an island – but thanks to Zoom we are now connected 😉

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