Exploring Creativity with a Gamer. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 139)

Exploring Creativity with a Gamer. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 139)

Today I was in Oslo, Norway, and had the privilege to share the stage with Joachim Haraldsen, aka “Noobwork”, of Heroic Group.
Noobwork has more than 10 million views on his youtube channel, which is just amazing when you consider that the channel is in Norwegian and Norway only has 5 million people… (!)
He is now building one of the world’s leading e-game companies in Heroic.
I asked him about how playing computer games can help with developing one’s creativity.
He said:
“In gaming you can choose your own identity; you can choose who or what you want to be.
And you have multiple of these identities and switch between them.”
So how does that help develop creativity?
According to Noobwork:
“Every time you enter into a new identity your brain gives you a new perspective and new perspectives trigger your creativity.”
I love that.
Be inspired by gamers.
Get more perspective!
Develop multiple identities. There is not “one world” – there are unlimited number of worlds for you to live in (both in the physical world and the digital world).
Thank you Joachim for giving me that perspective.
Which new identity could you embrace?
Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.
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