Grilling and Creativity (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 125)

Grilling and Creativity (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 125)

What is the connection between grilling and creativity?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a garden grill party at a friend’s house (Peter Watz) and he had invited Henrik Stensvad – world champion in Grilling (in the category of “chicken”).

While I was watching Henrik prepare all kinds of amazing grilled food (from salmon to ribs to vegetables) I took the opportunity to listen to his views on creativity.

Here are two of the insights I got from him:

1) Follow your dreams – not your dream.

Henrik told me how, when he was younger, he had been working so much (since cooking is his passion) that he had not had enough time with his kid.

But when he, later in life, became a father again, he decided to better split his time between his passion for cooking and his passion for his kid.

Many people seem to think that you have to sacrifice everything for your passion.

But Henrik reminded me that you can have multiple dreams (being a great dad and a great BBQ chef)

Remember the saying is “follow your dreams” – in plural.

2) 10,000 hours for creativity.

Henrik also talked about the classic message of “putting in your 10,000 hours”, but not from the perspective of mastering something, but from the perspective of becoming more creative.

He talked to me about how – by really studying a subject – you get to know so many different facets of it that you more easily can combine them into something new.

Think of knowledge as putting loads of mental ingredients into the kitchen storage that is your mind – and then think of creativity as you taking out these ingredients to combine them into a wonderful dish.

Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer. Still with the taste of the best ribs I have ever had in my mouth 🙂

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