Happeness. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 149)

Happeness. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 149)

There is a special kind of joy that comes from making things happen. That special kind of happiness you feel when you have created something.


Yes, true and pure happiness lies within and is not measured in accomplishments, but that should not stop us from also doing things that create that feeling of delight one feels after making something happen.


It could be something epic, like finishing a book, or building a house; but also something small like deciding to bake a cake for your grandmother or inviting your friends to attend a concert with you.


The world is, thank God, full of them: People who make things happen because they want to, because they feel like it and because it makes them happy.


Let’s call it Happeness. That joy that comes from making things happen.


That should be celebrated more, because nothing happens without people who make things happen.


What are you going to make happen today to bring you Happeness?

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