Here’s to more positive and new thoughts. (Episode 213)

Here’s to more positive and new thoughts. (Episode 213)

According to, “the National Science Foundation published an article summarizing research on human thoughts per day. It was found that the average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. Of those thousands of thoughts, 80% were negative, and 95% were exactly the same repetitive thoughts as the day before.”

I have no idea if this is true, or how they got to this conclusion, but I found it fascinating to think about.

It shows how rare it is to have positive and new thoughts – aka “ideas”.

But it also shows what a huge potential for improvement there is if we change the way we think, to become just a little bit better at thinking in a more positive and creative way.

Imagine if we were able to, say, double the number of new and positive thoughts per day!

The attached photo is of the ‘thinking chair’ that I created today after walking by a sea of daisies on my island and thinking: “This would be such a happy place to sit and think, too bad the flowers are so high” (a negative thought).

But I turned that into a positive thought and said to myself: “How can I keep the sea of flowers and still sit in the chair?” – and so I cut a small circle right around the chair so that I can sit on it comfortably and still be surrounded by daisies.

A small, little, positive thought that created a slightly better world for me on my island: A place for me to sit and think while the daisies send me more positive vibes.

What will you do to create a little bit more positive and new thoughts in your life?

Let me know your thoughts. Post a comment on LinkedIn.


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