How is it to stay at Ideas Island? (Episode 168)

Well, here is a video from Andi who just left the island a few days ago.

Quote from the video: “Everyone in the world deserves it (to stay at Ideas Island).”


I actually met with Andi in Romania on one of my travels around the world to explore creativity.


See the video I did from that trip about his creative project:


Ideas Island is more or less full this summer but we have a couple of last minute cancellations. If you can come on SHORT NOTICE (and are willing to pledge an amount to charity as a thank you for staying for free on the island) then please email and we will put you on the short term wait list. (Include a short text about who you are and what creative project you will work on, on the island).

Keep doing creative things!

Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.




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