How many creative thoughts per day? (Episode 205)

How many creative thoughts per day? (Episode 205)

Question: How often per day would you say you have a creative thought?

1-10 times per day? 11-100? 101-1000? 1001-10,000?

For this survey, my bar for what constitutes a creative thought is quite low. I am not talking of “painting a painting” or “coming up with a breakthrough invention.” I am talking about simple everyday creative thoughts. (But I am also not talking about “Oh, I am going to have coffee for breakfast,” especially if you usually have coffee for breakfast.)

Examples of what I am looking for: Changing queue at the grocery because you realize that the one you are in is slow. Solving a tricky problem at work. Seeing a beautiful move in a chess game. etc etc.

How many times per day would you say you have that “positive mental boost” that only comes from having a good idea that somehow makes you solve a problem in your life?

I would love to hear your estimate.


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