Ideamonds – small, brilliant ideas. (Episode 109)

Ideamonds – small, brilliant ideas. (Episode 109)

Interview with Diana Mondino, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Argentina.


Yes, “Ideamond” is a made up word. I just made it up, after having a discussion about creativity with Diana Mondino early this year. Diana is a woman who wears many creative hats. In addition to being recently appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Argentina, she sits on the board of Loma Negra (a huge cement company), has co-founded a leading private university in Argentina, is the CEO of a FinTech and much, much more.

During our discussion, I learned a lot about creativity, but I was especially inspired about how Diana was passionate about the many small, but brilliant, ideas, that move the world forward.

To illustrate, what I now have decided to call “an ideamond”, she mentioned the person who, many years ago, came up with the idea of colouring the three pages of a triplicate form in three different colors to make it easier to show which one goes to the client, which one goes to the company and which one goes to the government.

A small, but brilliant idea.

That is just what constitutes an “ideamond” – that the idea is small, but brilliant.

Just like a diamond.

Yes, the world needs big, world-changing ideas for our many large problems, but it’s the “diamonds” that help to improve the lives of most people.

Few things make me happier than stumbling upon a solution created by someone who had a brilliant “ideamond”.

And the world is filled with potential for more of them!

All we have to do is to dig where we stand and say: “How could this thing be improved in a small –  but brilliant – way?”.

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