Idearise (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 134)

Idearise (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 134)

Every sunrise is a celebration of creativity, because every morning the sun rises and every morning it paints a new painting on the sky.


I got this story from Amar Ramesh, a famous wedding photographer from Chennai in India. 


Most mornings he goes down to the sea to watch the sun come up over the horizon. Every day the sunrise is different.


It’s a reminder of the endless possibilities of creativity. A celebration of the power and brightness of an idea that can light up the darkest world.


Get up early tomorrow and go and catch a sunrise and be inspired to create something new fuelled by the sun’s relentless habit of waking up each day to create a masterpiece.


Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer


P.S. The picture above is from the sunrise at my island today.

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