Ideas Island in a Commercial (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 136)

Ideas Island in a Commercial (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 136)

As you know Ideas Island has gone 100% solar. The provider of our solar-system, Victron Energy, fell in love with the island (and my other island) and made a video about it.


Check out some stunning footage of Ideas Island:


It’s also a great video about the Energy Transformation that is happening right now in the world.


The next 10-15 years will be very very interesting when it comes to energy innovation. The Digital Transformation was huge, but The Energy Transformation will be bigger. 

Let’s make it happen.


As an early adopter, I transitioned to 100% solar way back in 1999, and now I have upgraded my system to a brand new, modern system from Victron Energy. 


Quote from the film: “I grow my own energy”.


Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer


p.s. Ideas Island is now closed for the season. Apply again in early 2023 if you want to stay on the island in 2023.

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