In-Person Meetings Are Better for Creativity than Virtual Meetings. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 121)

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In-Person Meetings Are Better for Creativity than Virtual Meetings. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 121)

The photo above is from a recent conference where I spoke for a global group meeting in Berlin.


Note the reactions of the crowd.


Now, this is the kind of laughter and smiles you want at a conference.


True joy while learning to be creative while being together with one’s colleagues.


Nothing beats the creative energy of a group creating together. And now science backs this up.


DesignTaxi recently reported:


“A study conducted by Dr Melanie Brucks of Columbia University in New York and Jonathan Levav of Stanford University validates suspicions that it’s easier to get creative in-person with coworkers than on video conferencing apps. Their findings are published in the Nature journal.

In one lab experiment, 602 participants were paired up to brainstorm creative ideas. Half were assigned to complete the challenge in a room, while the other half communicated over Zoom. The volunteers were all tasked to come up with creative ways to use a Frisbee or bubble wrap in five minutes.

Independent judges concluded that the ideas proposed on Zoom were 20% less creative than those developed face to face.”

Dr Brucks said: “[Participants] are not only generating a larger number of creative ideas, but their best idea is better.”


I personally also think that this is true!


In the last few months I have conducted in-person speeches and workshops in Germany, Sweden, Finland and the UK and the creative energy in a group of people who are in the same room is NOTICEABLY higher than in virtual meetings on Zoom.


It’s time to meet again.


It’s time to boost the creativity of your people.


If you want the same kind of reactions as in the picture above from your own people, why not book a creativity session with “The Creativity Explorer” for your next in-person conference?


Looking forward to helping you and your team discover their full creative potential.


Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.

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