In praise of the small ideas. (Episode 207)

In praise of the small ideas. (Episode 207)

At the breakfast at Hindsgavl Slot castle yesterday, they had homemade honey from their own bees, salami from animals on the farm, apple juice from their own apples and marmalade from their own strawberries.


The castle is impressive, the height of the auditorium is stunning, the tech of the hotel is perfect, but it was these small details of homemade food at the breakfast that I sent pictures of to my wife, and that I will remember.

In my speech for the Danish meeting industry (Danske Konferencecentre) I pushed for how meeting venues should invest more time in these small, but powerful ideas instead of chasing the “big innovations”.

(I also loved how the castle had saved a place where you could see the 12 (!) layers of paint and 5 layers of wallpaper that the walls at the castle are made up of.)

As I ended my speech: “Small ideas can make a big difference.”



What other small, but powerful idea have you seen at a hotel recently?

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