Incurious (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 143)

Incurious (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 143)

“An incurious life is not a life. It might sound harsh, but it is true.”
That was the message I got to bring home with me after having a beer in Tirana with Dritan Mezini, co-founder of Duapune, the largest recruitment site in Albania.
Dritan is a very curious person and we had a lovely conversation about the need for curiosity to live a fulfilling life.
And I learned a new word: “incurious”
adjective: incurious
not eager to know something; lacking curiosity.
“as for who had written it, she was oddly incurious”
The opposite of curious.
What an important word.
Do all you can to avoid becoming incurious!
That was my insight from my recent visit to Albania.
Keep Exploring. Discover your creative potential.
Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.
ps. And if you are curious, I suggest you check out the video to hear him deliver the message himself:

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