Innovation to solve pain-points (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 152)

Innovation to solve pain-points (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 152)

In many parking lots in Sweden, we have a system where the parking is free for a couple of hours, as long as you show a Parking Disc with your arrival time on it.


It’s a good system, but the problem is that many people (especially people like me!) forget to put in the arrival time before leaving the vehicle.


That means, we get a parking ticket – not for staying too long, but for forgetting to put in the starting time.


Very annoying.


Luckily, someone invented a Digital Parking Disc, a small device that automatically sets the starting time every time you park the vehicle.


It most likely costs 4 Euro to produce, but they sell it for 40 Euro (the price of one parking ticket).


Very smart.


What is that one thing in life that really annoys you? How could a product reduce that annoyance?


As always, would love to hear your thoughts. Post them on LinkedIn: Innovation to solve pain-points


Creativity – the antidote to annoyance.


Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.


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