Inspiring new entrepreneurs. (Episode 214)

Inspiring new entrepreneurs. (Episode 214)

Look at that smile – It’s the smile of achievement.
Last week, our kids (8, 11 and 13) opened a café on the island we live on. (Ok, mum helped and dad spent the day driving the boat).
Almost 100 (!) people came to “fika” and enjoyed island life for a while during the Swedish National day.
The kids were/are so proud (and we are proud of them). Before going to sleep, Maria said: “I am going to become an entrepreneur – now I just need to find my big idea!” (I told her she has time, after all she is just 11…)
Seeing them work so hard to make the café a success and approaching it all with smiles made me feel very optimistic about the entrepreneurial potential of the next generation.
My father, who was a music teacher, said “You can teach anyone to play an instrument, but the only way to make someone a ‘musician’ is with inspiration.”
In other words: creativity is inspired!
And I think that is true for all kinds of creativity, including helping to light the spark of an entrepreneur.
If we want more people to do more creative things, we should make sure that they get a chance to become inspired.
Who could you help inspire to help light their creative spark?
And what could you do to get more inspired yourself to help spark your own creativity?
ps. Would love your comments and thoughts.

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