Introducing “Covidification”​

Introducing “Covidification”​

For this episode of The Creativity Explorer I will make a personal reflection on how Covid-19 has created positive change for me, in order to get you to think about what positive change the Coronavirus has created in your life.

Yes, Covid-19 is making millions of people very sick, and many have died – and it is also wrecking havoc with many businesses around the world. This virus is no joke. But could it also have created some positive change?

I am talking about something I call “Covidification” – which is when the Coronavirus pushes someone to finally implement a change that should have been done long ago.

Let me give you three examples of Covidification from my own life.

1) Getting a gym at home.

For years I have been thinking of building an indoor gym in one of our rooms. But I never got to it.

During the lockdown in Singapore they banned people from going to the outdoor gyms (that I would normally use) so suddenly I had no gym to go to.

It got me to buy the equipment I had always wanted and I now have my indoor gym. (And I am happy and proud to say that I today did 20 chin-ups on the pull-up bar – something I have never been close to pre-Covid. 😉

2) Building a home studio.

When we moved into our new house six years ago there was a room that I always thought would make a great home-studio. But it stayed “an idea” for years. Until this month.

Now I have a proper home studio with greenscreen backdrop, professional lights, camera and good microphone. I should have/could have done this years ago. But Covid-19 got me to do it now.

3) Creating an online course.

Believe it or not, but I created my first online courses in 1998 (Yes, 22 years ago!) but since 2000 I haven’t created any online courses, and I always wanted to get back to creating them. Covid-19 gave me the time to sit down and create a new online course. (I created a course called “Master the keynote” and it is a 5 hour, intense and advanced online course on how to deliver a great keynote speech. The course is FREE (!) and you can access it at if you are interested in learning about becoming a better speaker.)

There you have it: 3 changes that the Coronavirus finally got me to do. Ideas that Covid-19 turned into reality. We see Covidification everywhere right now, from companies finally letting people work from home where they were not allowed before, to people realising they did not need to fly to have a meeting, but that it worked well do just do it on a zoom call.

Do let me know: Have you been exposed to Covidification? Is there a change that you should have been doing for a long time that Covid-19 finally pushed you to do? I would love to hear from you.

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