Lesson from my Montblanc wallet. (Episode 117)

Lesson from my Montblanc wallet. (Episode 117)

Interview with Benjamin Goh, Regional Marketing Director at Montblanc.

Contrary to popular belief, the most important customer for a company like Montblanc is NOT the person who buys a Montblanc piece to make an EXTERNAL statement about how rich, successful or fashion conscious they are. Those customers are also important, but they are not the most important.


The most important customer is the person who buys a Montblanc product to make an “INTERNAL statement.”

An “internal statement” is when someone buys a product – not to communicate to others who they are or want to be – but to remind themselves about who they are.

A person like that might not even want to become an ambassador for the brand. They did not buy their item to stand out, but to remind themselves to be outstanding.

It’s a statement not to others but to oneself.


Montblanc knows this. On their site you can read this text; “Just as every Montblanc product is the result of our master craftsmen’s souls and their stories, the final heirlooms will subsequently become part of your unique tale, creating an invisible bond between our soul and yours.”

I own a Montblanc wallet and have done so for years. But I do not use it to communicate anything to anyone else, even if some people might think that I do. I use it so that every time I use it, I will remind myself of what kind of person I am and what kind of person I strive to be. At Montblanc, they “believe that everyone can leave a mark.” And it is that message that they stand for that I want to remind myself of too.

It’s an internal statement only meant for myself. It’s a target audience of one, but it’s a very important audience, for me.

In a world full of “influencers” trying to influence others what to think, buy or do, the really impactful thing to do is to focus on the people who are trying to influence themselves to be better.

What internal statements are you making to yourself?

This text was inspired by a conversation with Benjamin Goh, Regional Marketing Director at Montblanc.

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