Let’s support the innovators of sustainable transformation (Episode 171)

Today I had a small wave generator installed on my island. It’s a prototype developed by NoviOcean – the actual product will be way bigger and will be placed in areas with much bigger waves.


This prototype will not give me huge amounts of power, but I did not install it for the sake of productivity, but for the sake of creativity.

In 1999 I installed solar cells on my island and went “off-grid”. Today “everyone” is installing solar cells and it’s amazing to see how that industry has boomed. But that growth would never have happened if some curious early adopters, like me, had not bought solar cells way back in the 90’s.

And wave energy might well become an important part of the energy transformation to renewable and greener energy sources.

I am happy – and a little proud – to be playing a small part in pushing the innovation of wave energy. (My island will be used as a showcase to show the prototype in action for investors/press etc as my island is conveniently located just 15 minutes from the centre of Stockholm.)

If you, like me, believe that we need to do (even) more to develop better energy sources, then think about how you could help support the innovators making the transformation happen.

Let’s make some waves… 🙂

(In the pictures you can see both the model, and in the background the prototype in the water.)

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