Live your life. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 209)

Live your life. (The Creativity Explorer. Episode 209)

Many years ago, I had a 90+ old neighbour who, after a life working as a hairdresser, still had clients.

I asked her: “I love this, so you are never going to retire?!”

She replied: “I haven’t taken on new clients in decades, and my old clients keep dying off, so I have fewer and fewer clients each year. When my last client dies, I will stop.”

At that time, she had just two living clients left…

But she kept her at-home-salon open for those two old clients.

She told me that having one leg left in her professional life made her feel more useful and energized. And she loved cutting people’s hair.

This story is a reminder to me (and you) not to accept how people or society expect you to live your life. (In this case: “You work, then you retire!”).

Live your life.

(I wish I had a photo of her, but I do not, so I asked ChatGPT to make one for me. The photo is AI generated, but the story is real.)


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