Make great ideas greater. (Episode 210)

Make great ideas greater. (Episode 210)

I spent this week making improvements to Ideas Island – my other island in Stockholm.

(I live on one island <Svanholmen> and the other island <Ideas Island> I never stay on myself; I just let other people stay on it.

Either for creatives by applying at to stay for free (if you give to charity) or for anyone to rent at and airbnb.

The island is magical in itself, but even great things need to become even greater.

So this week I rowed over some new furniture – including a 7-seater sofa that was NOT easy to row… (!)

I also rowed over a new refrigerator, a dishwasher and some other things to make the island more civilised.

And we added some things to be able to offer some more island activities – including a frisbee-golf cage (the perfect island activity).

The result is an island upgrade in many aspects.

Making great ideas even better is such a rewarding activity.

Too many people focus on finding “The Idea”, but creativity is as much as about making good ideas constantly better.

Writers edit

Painters paint over

Entrepreneurs pivot


What good idea do you need to make even better?


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