Merry Creativity (The World of Creativity: Episode 9)

Merry Creativity (The World of Creativity: Episode 9)

In this weeks “World of Creativity” I want to share a personal story:

My mother, our children’s grandmother, had told us she would not come to Singapore this Christmas. Our kids – who love their grandmother to bits – where sad.

But then my mother changed her mind and decided to come – but we decided not to tell our kids… (!)

So earlier this week we got a big box, wrapped it in wrapping paper and put my mother inside in the morning when she arrived from Sweden and then woke up the kids …

When they opened the big present they first got chocked  and then so happy to see who was now with them in Singapore.

I tell this story as an example of how some wrapping paper, a big box and a little bit of creativity can create a lot of extra laughter and love on a normal weekday in early December.

Creativity is not only about inventing new stuff, about “disruption” or about art – it can also be about creating some fun childhood memories for your children, and about making your mother smile.

Make it a Creative Christmas and a Happy Creative 2019.

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