Mindsetting – How the mindsets of others affect ours. (Episode 181)

This week’s video is inspired by my recent trip to Copenhagen where it seemed “everyone” was riding a bike!



There were special bike lanes, rental bikes, and bike shops everywhere – even IKEA had delivery bikes that you could borrow!

And because everyone else was riding a bike, I suddenly decided to take a rental bike to a meeting that was more than 45 minutes away by bike!

I do not think I have ever taken a bike to any meeting before in my 30+ years of working, but suddenly it was the most natural thing to do – because everyone else seemed to be biking.

So many things we do are actually not our own decisions – we get affected by the people around us.

That is why I love to live on a private island – being isolated from the rest of the world gives me a better chance to think about what I (!) want.

As I say in the video: The mindset of others becomes the mindset of ourselves.

What mindsets do you have that are actually set by others?

How can you “clear” your mind from those mindsets to figure out what you actually think yourself?

If we want to be able to have novel and creative ideas, we need to break free from the mindsets of others.

Would love to know your thoughts – post your comment here.


Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer




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