Nuggets of perspectives. (Episode 184)

One of the reasons I just LOVE to travel is how travel gives you “nuggets of perspectives” – how you get to see how they approach the world in slightly (or radically) different ways – and how that changes your own worldview.

Here are nuggets of perspectives from last week, one from Denmark (where I was on Saturday) and one from Mexico City (where I am today).

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At the Rungstedgaard Conference Hotel, they had a number of warm coats hanging for guests who wanted to borrow.

A simple way of encouraging spontaneous walks outside.


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At the Aeromexico headquarters, their underground parking garage has parking slots that you can only access via another parking spot. My first reaction was that this was stupid – but it turns out it’s a way of creating more parking spots!

The person parking in the first spot will leave his/her keys on the windshield (!) so that the person in the second spot can move the first car out of the way if they need to go first.

(This, of course, only works in a company garage with security.)


Both these ideas made me stop in my tracks for a second to rethink what I thought about something (what hotels are supposed to offer and what car parks are supposed to look like.)

I love it when this happens.

It’s these nuggets of different perspectives that keep us open to new ideas.

Would love to know your thoughts – post your comment here.

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