“Take calculated dares.”(The Creativity Explorer. Episode 111)

“Take calculated dares.”(The Creativity Explorer. Episode 111)

“Take calculated dares.”


That was the message from the very talented photographer Jesper Anhede whom i recently sat down with for a conversation about creativity.

Many talk about “taking calculated risk”, but “calculated dares” is different. It’s about daring to be creative.

One example is how Jesper took this picture: hanging off a racing sailboat in the middle of the ocean, holding his very expensive underwater camera with one hand in the hope of capturing the moment a fisherman catches a fish – not knowing if he will be able to hold on to the camera.



And as you can see – it paid off.

Jesper will do these things: like flying his drone close to a tree for the perfect shot, knowing full well that one time in 20 the drone will crash and he will have to pay to have it fixed. Calculated risk is defined as “Calculated risk-taking is operationally defined as the ability to deal with incomplete information and act on a risky option, that requires skill, to actualize challenging but realistic goals.”

Calculated dare can be defined as “going for something fantastic knowing that it might not pay off – and you might even lose out – but if it does pay off it will be epic.”

More about Jesper at: https://anhede.se


Stay safe and creative,

Fredrik Haren- The Creativity Explorer

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